Miscellany Monday - November 23, 2015:

It was time for Lily Kay to have her subcutaneous implant changed out again.  

These implants stop the precocious puberty that started when LK was four, after she'd just arrived home and gotten started on her adrenal medicine.  (She received monthly, then quarterly, shots for a while...and then started with these implants when she was 5 years old.)

This is the fourth Supprelin implant she has had...and should be the final one, since LK is 9 and 3/4 now.  It will stay in there for a year, then will be removed...and then we will allow nature to take its course.  

Jas took the day off, and he took LK this time, since he'd never had the chance to do this with LK before.  After the implant, the two of them had a lunch date and did some other fun shopping (Dick's Sporting Goods!) while they were in The Big City.

LK did great, as usual.  This girl is such a trooper!


I like green bell peppers just fine.  I know how good they are for me, so I eat them.  

Gabriel, on the other hand?

He loves them!

I was cutting up two peppers to divide amongst our lunch plates, when he spotted half of a pepper.  (He would have ended up with less than that if I had been allowed to finish dividing them equally!)

He grabbed a half while squealing, "Oh, THIS is MINE!"

What a cutie!

Lately he has been trying to be pickier about some foods that he has always liked...so I am glad he still loves peppers!  (And some children who don't love bell peppers (ahem), were glad G got more than his fair share!)


We (ok, Jas) is making headway on G and A's Christmas present.

We had some extra bead-board laying around, so Jas covered the back of the entertainment center with that.  So cute!

Next, he changed the hinges on the left door, so that the door now opens like a regular oven door:

Next up....scuffing up the finish (can't really "sand" laminate), so we can then prime and paint the "kitchen"!

Which means?  It is time for me to get involved (in more than just buying the fun accessories, that is).


After seeing some pictures on my FB Hair group that inspired me, I have now hit upon a new favorite hairstyle for Abigail! 

Isn't it so cute?

Yes, I think so too!

Know what I also think?  I need some photography lessons!

When I finally figured out those camera settings were NOT working in that situation....I changed them, and things got a little better:

But still not great:

I still need lessons.

Because that pretty girl?  Deserves better pictures!


Our great friends, The C Family, have gone and moved an hour away.  We are in mourning.

We loaded up and went and visited them.

I only took a few pictures, right as we were leaving, because Amy and I were busy talking our ever-loving heads off the entire time.

It is hard to get good pictures of a 1-year old, 3-year old, and 5-year old:


We got to participate in a good old-fashioned Barn Raising on Saturday.

Except, well....there was no barn.

But I am pretty sure a barn couldn't be much bigger than this thing!

Our dear friends, the M Family, purchased a swing set/play structure.  Problem was it had been hanging out in their backyard for 6 months.  Dad had made some progress, but really wanted to get this thing knocked out.

Since Jas is so handy, and since we fully understand (BTDT!) what it is like to have projects hanging around (and around...and around) we wanted to help.

I am glad it was a "help"...because selfishly speaking, we just had a blast!

The children actually did help too, as much as they could.

Cathy and I talked (and talked)...and solved all the world's problems.  

This is the best "final" shot I got, because the kids didn't get to start playing until it was finished...and it was already dark!

And 11 hours after we pulled in, we pulled back out of their driveway.  We had such a wonderful day!
I honestly do not recall any fusses between any children...and Cathy and I still could have talked on and on.

Time sure flies when you are having fun with great friends.  We are so thankful for this sweet family that the Lord connected us with!


Daniel is Eleven!

Daniel is now 11 years old!

This boy is so funny and so smart...and talks all. day. long.

Whether he is asking questions (approx. 1,000,000/day) or making comments...he keeps us rolling

And if he doesn't become an engineer, then my name isn't Joli!

Opening birthday presents

Noah explaining his homemade Agar.io card


Daniel thinks it's funny when he makes faces like this

When I first saw Daniel's face on a little picture from China (and he was wearing a pink coat), I thought he had the sweetest face.

And I still do.  This face....


...is so very precious.

And Daniel is one precious soul.  We are so blessed to be his parents!


Recent Funnies From The Kiddos

The kiddos have been killing it lately.  Killing **us**, I mean.


Noah said for years (and years) that he was not getting married when he grew up.  No way. No how.

Then, a couple years ago, he started relenting a little.  Recognizing that most people do in fact get married....he conceded that he may.  Just looking at the odds, I suppose.

But then he insisted for a long time that he would only marry a Chinese woman.  (Ok by me, we know lots of precious Chinese girls that will be women by the time he's ready to get married!)

But last week he mentioned something about his children being bi-racial.  Huh?

Me: "But I thought you were going to marry a Chinese woman."

Noah:  "I never said I definitely would (yes, he did, actually...but whatever).  I said I **may**.  But I will probably get a caucasian girl, because that is what we have here."

Ever the realist.


The children hearing me saying all the time how very smart their daddy is.  And they have seen quite enough evidence of their own by now also.  So I wasn't too surprised when LK and I had the conversation last week...although I thought it was very cute how it played out...

LK:  "I want a smart daddy when I grow up."

Me:  (giving her a strange look) "But you already have a smart daddy."

LK: "Wait, I mean: I want a smart husband when I grow up."

Me: "It is very nice having a smart husband."

LK:  "Yes, and he needs to not whine or complain, either."


LK had some compound words on her spelling list, and one exercise had her dividing the words.

She did fine on the first few..."schoolhouse", "moonlight", etc.

And then next to "toothache" she had written:

toot     hache

I asked her to read me what she had written (not really sounding it out in my own head yet), so she would see that this didn't make sense and wasn't the correct answer.

She said, "Toot hatch."

I bust out laughing (while making sure she knew I wasn't laughing AT her, but that she had done something cute/funny, so she wouldn't get offended).  She took it the right way and has had fun laughing with us.

Because this?  Is our newest family joke...and we have used it quite a few times already.


Gabriel got a splinter recently.  I (and four big helpers) had a dickens of time trying to get it out, so we ended up leaving it for daddy to get out when he got home.  It literally took him less than 30 seconds to get the splinter out.

When Gabriel got another splinter just a few days later, he said, "I don't want you to take this out.  I love my little splinter!"


Gabriel loves our trampoline...but don't tell Him that it's called "trampoline." In his book it is a "Jumpoline."


At lunch, Gabriel held his index finger out to show me something... 
Me: "What is that Gabriel?"
G: "Lots of things are all booger-ed up in my nose!"  
I'll give you one guess as to what he was holding out to me.


Our littlest sissy is always cracking us UP! She just started this new thing, and we have no idea where she got it from...

When we say (and show), "Thumbs up!"....she immediately points her INDEX finger DOWN. Sometimes way down. We tried multiple times a few days ago to catch pictures of her doing it. 

Who needs cable or satellite TV when you have hilarious children?!?


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