Prepping for Colorado Trip - 2015

I almost named this post:  "How a Family-of-8 Prepares for an 11-day  Cross-Country Roadtrip"

But that title scares me....because that sounds like a lot of work!

I have been laughing at one of the posts I did for our last trip to CO almost four years ago.  We had four cuties (ages 5-7) and we flew.  That was a big enough proposition, and entirely different than what we're doing this time!

After we first planned this trip two and a half months ago, I thought perhaps I'd turned a corner with my personality.  I thought perhaps I'd gone and become A Laid-Back Person.

Several hours after we told them we were going, one of the children asked, "What are we going to do about Chelsea?"

And another asked, "What are we going to do about Abigail's formula?"

And a third one asked, "What are we going to do about eating, with us being on GAPS???"  (we had already begun transitioning off, but here at the house we still eat just GAPS+rice+potatoes)

And to all these valid questions/concerns, my response was, "No big deal...we'll work it out.  It's fine.  Not a problem at all."  And I truly meant it and felt that way...at the time.

And I was so cool about all of it that I impressed even myself!

What I forgot?  I am a procrastinator.  Total procrastinator.  Two and a half months was just too far out for me to stress yet.  We just weren't close enough to the trip for me to be in the Freaked Out Planning Stage yet.

But as we've gotten closer, boy howdy - the stressing planning has begun in earnest!

Bottom line:  It simply takes quite a bit of planning for a family-of-8 to take a cross-country trip.  duh.  This should come as no surprise to me.  Much less a GAPS-eating, homemade formula-making, family that owns two cows (including one that needs to be milked twice a day).

The "notes" section of my phone has begun to bulge the past few weeks with all the lists I've written down as I've thought of them.  I need to have a list of my lists.

So here is what we've been busy doing lately:


When I began to think through our necessary preparations, it didn't take me long to come to the realization that I just needed to make up Abigail's formula ahead of time and take it frozen with us. The formula requires 14 ingredients, and it would just be much less brain damage to go ahead and make it here and take it frozen, rather than try to ensure that I took the ingredients with us or acquire them there (several of the ingredients need to stay refrigerated at all times). So, for the past five weeks i've been making an extra batch of formula once a week to put straight into the freezer, using breast milk storage bags to freeze individual bottles worth of formula.  

Sissy drinks four to five bottles a day. So 5 times 11 days that we'll be gone...means we're taking (at least) 55 bags of formula with us.  They need to stay sure enough frozen until we're ready to use them, so we've even flirted with the idea of using dry ice, but that stuff scares us!


We're taking muffin bars for breakfasts (and we'll also have eggs every morning, just like here at home).  For the last few weeks, as I make a batch of "muffin bars", I quadruple the recipe (I use muffin recipes, but make them into bars instead because I'm lazy and don't like to clean muffin tins and the muffins stick to muffin liners too bad).  I always quadruple these recipes anyway, but now I've been freezing the extras instead of us eating them over the next few days. 

Gallon Freezer bags filled with all sorts of yummy muffin bars

We're taking:
Chai bars
Banana blueberry bars
Cinnamon swirl bars
Chocolate chip bars


We're not doing strict GAPS anymore, but here at the house we still pretty much eat that way. And two of us (G and I) are still strictly staying away from any grains (which is taking it even further than gluten free). So, for health (and money!) reasons we're taking quite a bit of food with us. We surely will eat out some (not as hard to do while staying GAPS-legal as I first thought), but we're taking quite a bit with us.  And with meals I've been doing the same thing recently: making big batches and freezing the extra instead of eating them for leftovers. 

3 Gallon bags filled with Chicken Fajita Soup

We're taking with us: 
Chicken noodle soup 
Meatball soup 
Chicken fajita soup 
Hamburger soup 
Chicken lentil stew 

And a couple of frozen containers of pâté (we've been using and loving this pate recipe lately)  

Entertainment Whilst in The Silver Bullet

We do not have a DVD player in the Silver Bullet, so what in the world else could children possibly do on a roadtrip?  Lots of things, as all of us 25 years and older know very well.  We love listening to music.  Love it!  And the children (and their parents!) love listening to Adventures in Odyssey shows.  We have quite a good little collection of those going now, started when we were last in Colorado Springs and visited Focus on the Family.  And we don't at all mind listening to those shows more than once.  And I always have a huge list of books that I want to read aloud to the children, and never enough time.  This trip is a great opportunity to work on that list.  We are on Prince Caspian in the Narnia series, so that is a good choice to bring along.  Also, I keep seeing The Green Ember recommended as a great read aloud, so I picked up the kindle version a few weeks ago (it was FREE that day!)...and am excited to try that with the children!


A couple weeks ago as I waited (by myself!) to get my blood drawn for some tests, I took a few quiet moments to write down a list of outfits to pack. The weather is cooperating nicely - it is warm enough here now that we're wearing summer stuff...and we're packing winter stuff for CO (it should mainly be in sixties, perfect!). It is so hard to pack when you need to be wearing the same stuff that you want to be packing. 

We're doing Wha???

And, as I woke up in the middle of the night planning more details in my head, I thought through the trip there more. For our first leg of the trip, we're stopping in Kansas for two nights to spend time with my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew.  Our first plan was to drive for four-five hours, and then stay the night in a hotel. But, we likely wouldn't get there until at least 10pm. Even with planning good and taking a minimum of stuff into the hotel, we would still be unpacking A LOT of stuff.  And the children would get all wound up checking into the hotel (they LOVE staying in hotels!) and it would take a long time to get everyone in bed and asleep.  And then we'd have to get up pretty early to get on the road again in enough time to even still get to my brother and sis-in-law that same day.  So, for 2-4 hours of (fitful) sleep, that seemed like too much rigamarole.  So we're just going to drive straight through that first leg.  My dad says it takes approximately 20 hours (he's made this exact trip many times).  When I first proposed this driving-through idea to Jas he balked.  But later that day he came back and said he'd thought it over more and agreed that we should do that.  (He's a smart guy...I knew he'd see the light!)

Jas has me some podcasts lined up to listen to when I'm the only one awake in the van:  Read Aloud Revival, Voddie Baucham, and Underground Wellness Radio.


The Lord arranged it so that a friend (who has tried (and loves) Chelsea's milk and **we** think needs to get a dairy cow!) is coming to milk Chelsea twice a day while we're gone.  His family will get to keep all that milk...which they're looking forward to!  Keith has already been here for a training session with Jas...and Jas sent him home with a typed list of the steps involved in the milking process (I'm not the only anal person here in our house!), from getting the extension cord set-up for the milking machine to pouring the milk through the filter into the container, to getting all the equipment properly cleaned.

Color Scheming

When she found out we were coming, one of the first things NaiNai got on planning was a new (big) family picture.  During our last trip to Colorado almost 4 years ago, this is what the whole fam looked like with 16 people:

Now there will be 19 of us in there.  And now - thanks to Pinterest - family pictures don't have to be confined to white/denim anymore!

After some calls, texts and FB messages going back and forth across the country, I think we have it figured out.  Here is what our part of the family is going to look like:

And I didn't have to buy one. single. thing. for this color scheme....woohoo!

And guess who gets to wear these cute little things for the pictures:

Hint:  It's not Jason.

One of the last things we needed to do in order to prep for our 11-day trip?

Return our mountain of library books.

Being gone for 11 days means they'll all be due while we're gone...and I don't even want to think about what those over-due fines would look like.  (Not that I would know anything about over-due library fines. ahem)

We have tentative plans to go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, roller skating and bowling while we're there.  It would be fine with me to NOT go rock climbing like we did last time.  But Jas and I have already talked about taking the kiddos to Josh and John's for some yummy ice cream!

Doing things will just be icing on the cake, I can't wait to see Jas with his family again (even if he and his brothers wrestle and pester and cut up the whole time)!


Miscellany Monday, March 16, 2015: Ansley, Internet and a Shoulder

Jas and I were blessed to be able to attend a couples shower Saturday night, for our precious Ansley. 

Our first babysitter.

Our only babysitter for years.

She has gone and grown up and is getting married.

But Mark is a great guy.  He’d have to be for Ansley to like/love him.  

I got the lowdown on their engagement and some details that I hadn’t heard before about how they’ve handled their relationship up until this point.  I want Ansley to write it all down and do a guest post for me (hint hint).  I want my children to hear all of it!


Up until recently we didn’t have a great station that played Christian music here in our area.  We did have a Christian station, but it didn’t always come in good, and it has quite a few talk shows on it.   So, up until now we just listened to our own CDs or episodes of Adventures in Odyssey while driving in the van (we don’t have a DVD player in the Silver Bullet…and no, we don’t want one (someone offered us one recently when they found out – aghast – that we don’t have one)). 

But now – woohoo! – we have a great radio station that plays Contemporary Christian music!

The children and I have been loving it!  Almost every song that comes on we say, “Oh, I love this song!” 

We are loving getting to listen to old favorites, like “If you want to steal my show”
by Toby Mac.

And I’ve gotten to introduce my kiddos to some old (OLD) favorites of mine, like “Stomp” by Kirk Franklin.

And we’re getting to hear newer songs, that we have just been missing out on since we now live out in the country (and have HORRIBLE internet) and can’t stream music all day long like we did in town.  One of our new favorites is “He knows my name” by Francesca Battestelli.

But it has led to some confusion for our younger crowd, namely G-man.  He still doesn’t understand that I don’t control what is playing and when.  When he loves a song he will call out when it has finished, “Mama, play it again!” 

Speaking of bad internet….



our days of horrible internet are numbered.

Being “way out here” in the country our only option henceforth has been satellite DSL.  That means…if it is raining, or heaven forbid – there are CLOUDS in the sky….we have no internet.

And even when we DO have an internet connection, the data limit is so incredibly (and I mean outrageously) low that for most of the month our (spotty) internet is running at dial-up speed.

This is such a first world problem.

And yet…it affects our lives in so many ways that it boggles. my. mind. 

One of the ways is affects us is with our schooling.  I really think I would make some curriculum changes in some of our subjects if doing some online courses were an option. 

But, we’ve had some “movement” on this issue.  An engineer was out here last week and called Jas at work to confirm he was at the correct house assessing the issue.   “You’re only .3 miles away from the junction box.”  (meaning: the last customers that DO have good internet!).  Ummm, yes....WE know!!!! 

But, we’re hopeful that we will soon once again join the 21st century.

It looks like Jas will be having shoulder surgery soon.  Sooner rather than later anyway.

He hurt his shoulder years ago, throwing the ball for the children.  We know exactly when he did it….he knew right away he’d done something terrible wrong.  It has been almost exactly five years ago now.  He had physical therapy on it, and it felt some better.  But it has nagged at him ever since.

Now lately his neck has been really bothering him.  On the same side.  

Turns out, the neck is due to the shoulder problem.  

And it turns out the shoulder problem is actually torn cartilage.  

And it turns out - if he wants to actually fix it - he will need to have surgery.

He has an MRI today to fully check it out.

Ever since the children found out about the impending surgery, Noah has prayed for him at every opportunity, that Jas wouldn't be nervous, because Noah "knows what it feels like to be nervous about surgery." (so sweet)


Did You Hear Us Whoop???

Our friend Dr. H came and "preg checked" our Chelsea.

And there....

....is a baby in there - WOOHOO!!

We thought there was - given that we've seen no evidence of Chelsea going into heat the last couple of months.

But still...it is nice to have confirmation from someone who actually knows what he is doing.

 Cows have a long gestation....approximately 283 days.

So, given that our AI tech "serviced" Chelsea on January 7th and 8th....

 ...her due date should be October 16-17th.

Congratulations, Chelsea!


In about 7 months our little herd of two....

 ....will become a herd of three!


Critters...Part 2

I have no pictures to go with this post.  None.

For some of these stories I wish I had a picture.  But in some cases it is better that there are no pictures.

Many critter stories occur out here.  I’ve written about them before here.  And here. And also here. 

But several new things have occurred lately that I want to get off my chest. 

(My worry in posting this is that my IRL friends will no longer want to come over….PLEASE DON’T STOP COMING OVER!!!)


Our weather has been so all over the board:  one day the high is 80…and the next it’s 50.  But…when we’ve had a few warmer days in a row, we’ve been blessed with FLIES! 

We have cows…we have cow poop…we have FLIES!  We have horn flies, regular flies and some other kind that we still have yet to identify. But somebody is biting.  And drawing blood.  They were having a hey-day with Chelsea.  One evening her teets had been bitten so much that we had to throw the milk away because it ended up getting blood in it.   YUCK! 

Jas talked to a man he works with who has just gotten into raising cattle on the side the last few years.  But what this fellow does to combat flies is give his cows feed that has fly killing chemical right in it.  Brilliant?  Some may think so….but not us.  Double yuck!  Note to self:  Never buy meat from Mr. So-and-So’s cattle!

Well, Jas got on this.  He researched and read…and read and researched.  He put D.E. in their feed…on the hay….and dusted it on the cows.  It helped, but not as much as he’d like.

And then, my friend Arica reminded me of a remedy we used to use on Bobbie and Jenny:  essential oil(s) mixed into coconut oil, to make a salve.  I got out the Terra Shield I bought last summer to make my own bug spray for us humans (it is a mix of essential oils good for repelling bugs).  Jas mixed a few drops into a little jar of coconut oil.  Voila!   It has been helping SO much.  There are flies around…but not on our beloved Chelsea! (Truth be told: Chelsea is fine, it is the milk we LOVE!)


More Flies…
The children are in and out (and in and out) our kitchen door approximately 4,731 times a day (that is only a slight exaggeration).  So some of the flies outside…have been finding their way inside.  Ugh!  Hate this. 

The children – and Noah especially – have become very adept with a fly swatter. 

What the children find most interesting about the fly killing?  The fact that apparently an inordinate number of the flies are “bonding” or “dating”, in the air, when the children are chasing them.  Noah has snagged several two-for-one deals with the swatter.   More reproductive talk…why don’t we just go ahead and get some rabbits and go whole-hog. 


We have recently had a little problem with mice.  Not many.  But enough.  I still have yet to lay eyes on one.  But I believe Jas.  He has set some traps in out of the way places with a dab of peanut butter on each one.  He has caught a couple.  But one, well, one was too tricky for that.  The pb would be gone, and the trap even tripped…but no mouse.  And then….Noah and Gabriel were playing in the sunroom/playroom one day...

Now this room has an upper level at the far end that goes into our laundry room/utlilty room. This smaller area is where Jas goes in and out for milking and where he is storing milking paraphernalia and feed until we finish the shelter in the pasture, (it only has poles and a roof so far).  That feed is very likely the source of our problems. 

So one afternoon N and G were in the sunroom.  And then....well, here is how Noah described the happenings in a text to Jas a few minutes later:

Gabriel and I caught a mouse alive!  G and I were in the sunroom when G said ewww a mouse.  So I looked to see if he was telling the truth and sure enough there was a mouse.  So I caught it.  I caught it in a container.  (I caught it in less than 30 seconds!).  Love, Noah

After trapping that sucker, N and G brought it inside (I didn't realize the "fun" they were having out there until this point!).  We held on to it until Jas got home, at which point he (and five children) escorted said mouse to the pecan orchard across the street and let it go.  According to eye witness accounts, it wasn’t too chipper when released, though…so I don’t know that it survived the ordeal. 


We have not really had a flea problem with BeBe (just seen a few here and there), but ticks…ticks are another thing entirely.  Yuck.  So we have been using a homemade treatment on her.  By “we” I mean: I found it and made it…and Elisabeth actually applies it to BeBe.  It’s not that I wouldn’t, it’s just that Elisabeth loves it (apparently) and she is always the one to think about it.  The funny thing is that between the D.E. and the neem powder that are in the treatment, “BeBe the Black Dog” ends up looking decidedly….green.  

Maybe Abby and Tugger (our next-door dogs) make fun of her….because when BeBe sees E coming with the jar…she runs and "hides" in her kennel in the carport.  But she is a good dog, so she comes out pretty easily when she can tell that E is serious. 



This story actually happened the first summer we were in this house.  But I was so traumatized that only now am I able to share. 

So, I did mention that first summer that we were having a cricket issue.   Looking back I think we had such an issue because we mowed down the “back 40” (now our pasture) which hadn’t been touched in who knows how long.  Mowing it down not only drove in a moccasin…it also scared in crickets.  TONS of them.  I spent last summer (our second summer here) scared to death we were going to have a repeat of the Summer Cricket Invasion….but it never came.  Phew. 

So, we were having cricket problems, to put it mildly.

Then one day I get my hand mixer out of an upper kitchen cabinet.  Is that clear?  OUT OF AN UPPER KITCHEN CABINET. 

I fill my mixing bowl with (insert some yummy concoction here….I can’t even remember what in the world I was making….I’ve blocked as much of this incident out as I can)…and I turn on the hand mixer.

The mixer made some weird noises…and then CRICKET PARTS (LEGS, BODY, ETC.) FLY OUT THE VENTS ON THE SIDE OF THE MIXER.  

Random black cricket parts now littered my kitchen counter...and the batter in my bowl. 

Some crazy cricket had somehow crawled into the inside of my hand mixer (through that same vent I suppose?), and then expired inside my mixer.

After I worked hard at stopping myself from throwing up….I threw the whole kit and kaboodle of the that hand mixer away.  And the bowl of yummy ingredients too, of course.

I know some of my friends who would have thought, “Now that the cricket is out, the mixer itself is fine now.”  Um.....no.  I wasn’t having any of that.  Call me a waster and silly.  I can take it.

I took myself to wally and bought myself a new hand mixer.

And I haven't regretted that for one second.


Noah is Eleven!

So Noah has gone and turned eleven.

Chippyye helped him open the other children's homemade cards and gifts.

LK "wrapped" her gift inside an old Palm Pilot case that I bequeathed to her.  She loves this thing, straps it to her waist with a shoe string and wears it everywhere...so she made sure to tell him that it was not part of his gift and he needed to give the "wrapping" back.

Our little saver/planner wanted from us - yet again this year - money.

Noah had been telling me for, well...months, that he wanted to go back to the car dealership on his birthday (ever since we went there for his adoption day in October).

It was a nasty, rainy-ish day...

...but we persevered.

Well, some of us did....

Elisabeth offered to stay in The Silver Bullet with Abigail. 

Taking pictures of the "sticker"

Noah had a great time.

The seven of us (Daddy had an out-of-town meeting) headed to the local big Chinese buffet place.  (This was the first time they'd been there since we started GAPS almost 1.5 years ago.)  This place loses money on my kiddos.

And then for supper, Noah had requested wings.  We love our daddy who will hang out in the cold and rainy evening (at least he was in the carport) and grill 15 pounds of wings for us.  Yes, our family loves us some wings!

We sure love this boy, and the young man he is quickly becoming.  We are so blessed to be his parents!


Miscellany Monday, Monday 2, 2015: A Gift, Hair Talk, and a Great Fieldtrip

That new store that just opened in the town next to us?  Well, we were back there on Saturday afternoon again.  Again, G wasn't invited...and D decided to play legos instead...and daddy held down the fort.  But the rest of us went, and had a ball for over two hours again.  And sissy slept through a good portion of it on my back in the ergo again.  It was nasty, rainy...so almost everyone within a thirty-mile radius was in there with us.  If we hadn't stopped to talk to so many friends who also happened to be there, we might not have been there so long!

I'm starting to think that it may not be a good thing that this store opened so close to us.

But in the meantime...I'm having fun!  And I'm making things for other people...isn't that nice??

For instance.....


I pinned a gift idea for my mother-in-love over two years ago.  I want to make one of these for my mom also.  Well, now that this store is near and I can peruse and gather the supplies at my leisure, the time has drawn nigh that I actually make these gifts!  (Because I actually make and try all the recipes and projects that I pin...yes, sure...right....all 4,297 of them (not. even. joking.  About the number part anyway.)

Our trip to CO is coming up fast, so I finished gathering the last of the supplies that I will need for Linda's gift 

Purple paint (because that is Linda's favorite color, hands down)
Bling (because she is a blingy kind of girl)
Lots of cute little clothes pins, because, well...Linda needs lots of them

Any Pinterest addicts fans might be able to look at this collection of supplies and know exactly what project I have in mind.  

I can't wait to see the finished product...and I hope Linda loves it!


Is this not the sweetest face....ever?

Those cheeks are truly as nibble-worthy as they appear.  And considering that the homemade lotion I use on her has cocoa butter in it, she truly does smell like chocolate.  Scrumptious!

But, hair.  I want to talk about hair.

We recently hit on what I think is my favorite hairstyle on sissy to-date:

I'm still not happy with my parts...they're not as crisp as they need to be.

Two, two-strand flat rope twists.

This style kinda, sort of lasted for two days.  The back twist fared very well.  The front one had a harder time.  It got too loose, just through regular wear-and-tear...which in 7-mo old terms means:  rolling all around on the floor, apparently on her head.  I can't/don't want to pull too tight on Abigail's "edges", because that can pull the hairs out of her scalp.  Permanently.  So I ended up re-doing the front twist for the second day.

This style may have lasted longer than two days, except sissy then got her fingers into the beginning parts of the twists, and pulled strands totally out.  Like, sticking straight up in the air.  That is an immediate foul re-do.

I've read time and again that little black girls just learn very early that they aren't allowed to play with/mess with their hair.  We're working on it....


We went on an excellent fieldtrip with our homeschool group on Friday, to a Wildlife Education Center at a nearby(ish) University.    The children learned a lot.  I even learned quite a bit, in between helping with my two youngest and talking with my friends (I have always readily admitted that our group is every bit as important for me (and my sanity) as it is for my kiddos!)

Corn snake

The tour lasted 2.5 hours and we cycled between five different areas, ending with a live raptor demonstration.
Red-tail hawk

Barred owl


I am sooooo thankful that we went on the fieldtrip.  I originally said we'd go...and then about five days prior to the trip, I told our coordinator we weren't going after all.  And then a couple days before, I changed my mind again.  It just sounded so cool that I didn't want the children to miss it.  And I'm so glad we didn't.

It is just hard for us to do something like this.  Hard.  I cannot do it all by myself.  But thankfully, I don't have to.  My oldest four are such a help.  And the other moms in our group are always offering to help....and steal sugar!

And the other girls in our group?

I am just so, so thankful that Elisabeth has these girls...they are great girls:

And they sure do love them some G and A (when she'll let them hold her):

It totally took a village for us to do the fieldtrip on Friday...and I am so very thankful for the village that the Lord has surrounded us with!



The girls and I have been bonding over YouTube videos.  Specifically, videos by black women about taking care of and styling kinky curly "natural" hair.  We have been having so much fun snuggling up and watching a video (or four) most nights, when we should be climbing into bed.

One of the videos we watched recently (How to Cheat a Flexirod Set by Naptural85) got us thinking:  We could totally do this with Elisabeth's hair also!

So we did!

She loved it!  We've done this three times now...and I'm getting better.  I roll her hair into the rods at night and she sleeps on them.  (She doesn't love sleeping on them, but it must not bother her too much, since she keeps asking to do them again.)

And yes, we whipped up a batch of her homemade Flax Seed Gel that she mentions in the video.  It was very easy to make and works great...once you get over the fact that it totally looks and feels like snot!


We bought some beets at our co-op pickup last week, and over the weekend we tried a new recipe that I recently pinned....Crispy Rosemary and Garlic Beet Chips

Verdict from The Peanut Gallery:  They LOVED these!  Yummy!  A definite hit!

Verdict from The Mom:  Yummy!  Loved them!  BUT...I will likely not ever make these again.  Too time intensive to make a batch big enough for all of us.  (I doubled the recipe and they were still all gone within 2 or 3 hours.)  But for a family that is not comprised of a bunch of pig-hoggers...these would be a great idea!

(WARNING:  Beets do.....ahem.... strange things to your inner workings.  When you use the restroom you will think you are dying of some dread disease!  And then (phew)...your wise-beyond-his-10-years son will come to you and comment that he'd had the same issue...but thankfully he will already have realized what the cause was!  Or maybe this just happens at our house...)


We recently had a family over to eat supper with us.  This family is new to our area and we met them at church.  

And this family has 7 bio kids...and they homeschool.  We had a GREAT time together...and all the children (on both sides) have been asking daily when we will be able to get together again. 

When a family-of-8 hosts a family-of-9....it is definitely time to bring out the big guns pot!

photo credit:  Elisabeth!


We are so excited about a new craft and decor store that opened in the town next to us!  This is a store that I had easy access to in Colorado Springs, and totally took for granted.  I have bemoaned the fact that I took it for granted for almost 13 years now.  But now...we have our own...woohoo!

We have been watching the progress for months and waiting not-so-patiently for the store to open.  It finally opened last week...but we waited until Saturday, so that some could stay home with daddy (who was only too happy to babysit rather than be subjected to peruse this store).  

We waited until mid-afternoon rest-time and then Elisabeth, Noah, LK and Abigail (I was just trying to be nice to Jas) headed out.  Daniel opted to stay home and play Legos, and ummm...G was not invited.

We walked around the store for almost 2.5 hours.  It was heaven!

The one and only thing I purchased was a yard of beautiful and fun fabric.  I have a big project in the works...involving this bookshelf that we received as a hand-me-down from my cousin:

We've had the shelf for about 6 or 7 years now and it has been used in the school room, and most recently in our master bedroom.  But it is about to be repurposed and revitalized.  (Maybe I'll be done and can show "after" pictures in another year or so...)

As we walked around the store (for hours) I wore A in the ergo, and she slept for more than half of that time.  We kept getting comments from everyone who passed by.  "She is slap. out!"...one of the employees commented.  And he was right. Sister didn't find the store near as interesting as the rest of us did.  

I spied this sign in the store and literally laughed out loud!  I had to take a picture and send it to Jas:  

They made this sign for me!  I try hard to hold it together...but more often than not, my crazy definitely starts showing (just ask my kiddos!).


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